Information about improvements to the
on the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90)
in northern Cook County, Illinois 





























Public Participation

Context Sensitive Solutions

cssA key planning tool for this project is a public involvement program based upon the principles of Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS). CSS is an interdisciplinary approach that seeks effective, multimodal transportation solutions by working with stakeholders to develop, build, and maintain cost-effective transportation facilities, which fit into and reflect the project’s surroundings (its “context”). Through early, frequent, and meaningful communication with stakeholders, and a flexible and creative approach to design, the resulting projects should improve safety and mobility for the traveling public, while seeking to preserve and enhance the scenic, economic, historic, and natural qualities of the settings through which they pass. For more information on IDOT's Context Sensitive Solutions guidelines, please visit the IDOT website for CSS at:


A key goal of CSS is to build general understanding amongst the stakeholders.  A CSS “stakeholder” is any person or organization which has a direct stake in the project being considered.  CSS stakeholder activities included Community Advisory Group (CAG) meetings, Community Context Audit surveys, special interest groups meetings, and public meetings as well as a public hearing. All input was evaluated and used to help shape viable solutions.  A general understanding of agreement was reached when the stakeholders agreed that their input had been heard and duly considered, and the process as a whole was fair. The CSS project approach enhances public participation in the transportation planning process.

Stakeholder Involvement Plan

Because stakeholder involvement is critical to the planning process for this project, a Stakeholder Involvement Plan (SIP) was developed to guide the stakeholder involvement program. The SIP outlined a program that effectively involves stakeholders, while conforming to federal and state guidelines. The SIP describes a framework that is both comprehensive and flexible based on the project's needs. The SIP was used as a blueprint for defining methods and tools to educate and engage all stakeholders in the decision-making process.

The SIP was designed to ensure that stakeholders are provided a number of opportunities to be informed and engaged as the study progressed. The goal of the SIP was to actively seek the participation of communities, agencies, individual interest groups, and the general public throughout the project development process. The SIP is posted on our Resources page.

Project Study Group (PSG)

The PSG role was to facilitate the CSS process and to ensure that all Federal, State and Local requirements are met. The PSG was a team organized with members from the Village of Hoffman Estates; Illinois Tollway; IDOT; Federal Highway Administration (FHWA); and the project consultant, Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc. (CMT).