Information about improvements to the
on the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90)
in northern Cook County, Illinois 






























Public Participation

Community Concerns

Vehicular Traffic Impacts
The preferred interchange alternative addresses community vehicular traffic concerns by meeting an acceptable level of service of vehicular capacity and by eliminating circuitous travel routes to and from I-90.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Provisions
The preferred interchange alternative also addresses the community’s bicycle and pedestrian connectivity, mobility and safety concerns by providing a shared-use path and sidewalk on Barrington Road that crosses over I-90 with crossings of Barrington Road and connections to the proposed transit facilities.

Economic Impacts
The preferred interchange alternative addresses the community’s economic concerns by implementing full access at one location which will help revitalize businesses along the Barrington Road corridor, serve areas of population growth to the west, and provide additional economic development opportunities.

Environmental Impacts
The preferred interchange alternative has a smaller improvement footprint which results in less environmental and property impacts than other transportation solutions.

Public Transportation
The preferred interchange accommodates complementary transit improvements in both the short-term and long-term for the I-90 corridor. The short-term transit improvement is anticipated to have a highly efficient operation.

Temporary Traffic Impacts
Among the highest concerns identified by the community were the temporary impacts to its businesses along the corridor. The Project Study Group developed a maintenance of traffic plan that avoids shutting down lanes on Barrington Road which does not require any detours. All business access will be maintained during construction.

The proposed access improvements to I-90 significantly improve the Village of Hoffman Estates emergency services coverage of I-90. The proposed access improvements to I-90 reduce emergency response travel times by approximately twelve (12) minutes from I-90 to the St. Alexius Medical Center. The proposed improvements eliminate the existing undesirable weaving traffic conditions on Barrington Road.  The existing movements include the southbound Barrington Road to eastbound I-90 movement weaving with the westbound I-90 to southbound Barrington Road movement.

The preferred interchange alternative minimizes land acquisition costs by having a smaller improvement footprint and by incorporating stormwater management on existing Tollway and IDOT property. The cost of this improvement will be shared by the village of Hoffman Estates, the Illinois Tollway and the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).